Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High on sketching

iPad sketch from Bernal Heights

I recently joined MeetUp.com. It's a site that lists groups you may join that are doing things you like to do. They are basically free, and you join, and then show up at the designated place. I've found a book group, a hiking group for over 50's, and last weekend I found a sketching group.
So I drove to Bernal Heights (look up on google maps) and started sketching with my iPad. It was sunny and beautiful! and the veiws were to-die-for. We met @ 4:00 for coffee and shared our sketches with the 7 people + group leader who showed up. The leader said 62 people had clicked to join the group. That's a lot in 3 days. The group was very diverse and so friendly and willing to share their work and their tools. I learned there is a water brush that keeps its own water inside the brush for painting without having to bring buckets of water with you.
We posted our finished sketches to our MeetUp site and this morning the leader emailed me that she had sent my iPad sketch along with another watercolor sketch by a group member to the Bernal Heights blog.
What fun!


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Elizabeth Varadan aka Mrs. Seraphina said...

That does sound like a great group. And a nice sketch, I must say. Hope to see more of them.

Hope to see more of you too! We've been fighting jet lag since our return from India, and then had dog problems; Cezar gave us a real scare. (I blogged about it in fact.) But, we'll be in touch soon.