Saturday, December 29, 2007


I just made this tiny book using bookr! It took less than 5 minutes. I accessed some photos from my flickr account using a link right from this site. Great flickr toy!

Also view it like this:
walk with me by sue

And here's another one about Christo's Gates:
Christo's Gates by Su
And this one about Nantucket:
frame finding by Su
And this one about our swap to Paris
Paris Swap 7_07 by Su
Couldn't forget Wellfleet
wellfleet by su

Check out all the flickr toys @

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A SMARTBoard in every room!?

I've just read Will's post about using a Wii remote with infrared pens to make any surface that has a projected image interactive the way a SMARTBoard or ActiveBoard is interactive. The video that describes it by Johnny Chung Lee, makes it look very simple. You don't even need the Wii system, just the remote and the infrared pens and the software from his website. I wonder how long it will take for someone to package the whole deal and make it possible for every classroom to get SMART?