Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nobel Tim

Web inventor receives 'engineering's Nobel Prize'

Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee

The US engineering profession's highest honours for 2007, presented by the National Academies' National Academy of Engineering (NAE), include the award to Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who holds a Chair of Computer Science in ECS, of the prestigious Charles Stark Draper Prize -- a $500,000 annual award that honours engineers whose accomplishments have significantly benefited society -- "for developing the World Wide Web."

The prize will be presented at a gala dinner in Washington, DC, on February 20, 2007

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tim on the Trail

Those of you who know me, know I have a Google Alert on him, have read his book, gone to his lectures, and let's just say, idolize him. So today I decide to turn left at the end of Thoreau on my Sunday walk, instead of turning right as I usually do and decided to walk down the bike path. I sometimes think it's safer to walk the streets, in case I run into a "stranger", but today I said, forget it, it's prettier down the bike path and into the woods along the stream and by the blackberry bushes. So I did. And was happily listening to my iPod when a man walking a large black lab came walking towards me. And I knew him. I totally recognized him and just said as he got close, "Oh My God...TIM!" Well I almost forgot to take the ear buds out, but did, and said something silly probably, and he said, "Well some projects just work out!" Some projects!... like the whole WWW-thing????? oh well, guess he still lives here and probably along Saddle Club road, where some really nice tear-downs have become lovely brook side mansions. Good for him. Apart from just winning the Draper award, he was also voted the 3rd Most influential Unitarian for 2006. I like the Unitarian award.
regards all, from
Sue, still a little shaken