Friday, February 24, 2006

Posting a movie to a blog

It is possible to link a movie file to your blog. To do this I had to load my finished movie to a server. I used my FirstClass web account on our server at school. I Upload-ed the movie file to my HomePage folder. I then created this post and used my webpage address, ending with the name of the movie file stored in the HomePage folder. The movie downloads to the viewer's machine and they may view it with Windows Media Player or other media player. The movie I used is the sample project for the Word-Video class in Windows MovieMaker2 I recently offered my MEET team at BHS. It defines the word tome.

Tastes Great!

I've been working to update my Backflip online collection to I love the way you can sort the tags and also collaborate with others to create collections. This has great potential for school. Teachers and students could work together to make lists of resources for research projects. You have to work with it a bit to get the sense of it. But it WORKS! Make sure you use Firefox as the menu icons for tagging and accessing your page are really helpful. Can also use I.E.