Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Shirts from around the world

Your clothes are made everywhere! Take a look. Except for Antarctica, they probably come from each of the other 6 continents. Just thought I'd bring this up.
I thought I tried to post something earlier but I guess that didn't work. So I am trying again. I still love the idea of this - but feel like I need some time to figure this all out and play -:)
let me know if you end up getting to read this.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sue... I this has an interesting potential. Thanks for sharing. Be sure to let me know what kind of ideas and/or projects others derive for its use in an educational setting. When you get a handle on it I think we ought to do some sharing at a department meeting. HD

Saturday, November 20, 2004

illustration by a Davis student

This is the smallest image size. There are actually 3 sizes you can choose from. When you send a picture, it gets posted to the blog first and then you can edit the post and add the text. Each posting can only have one picture, I tried to put two in the same posting, but was unable to do that.
The AlphaSmart - Students enter their work

Students are able to write and save their work on these keyboards that are elephants at work.....never forgetting their files. Once work has been entered, edited, checked and approved, it can easily be added to the teacher's blog to be shared with others.

I have now figured out how to add an image to a blog.
I can also add text to the image after it has been added to a posting. It requires two applications on the machine I am using, Picassa to organize the images on my machine and Hello, to send an image to the blog. Both applications are free downloads from Google. They are easy enough to use, in fact Picassa is a nice organization, making all the images easily available. I think the image selection would be done by a teacher. Students could prepare text on their AlphaSmarts and with a teacher checking, send to a new posting on the teacher's blog. Students could take the photos using books or real objects.
Ideally, this would be useful if engaging in a dialog between two or more classrooms that were sharing information with each other on a daily basis while doing research on a topic.

This is an image sent through BloggerBot to add to my blog.It is a photo taken with a Mavica camera from a library book in our library. It was part of a second grade study of Wampanoag Native Americans.
I am now adding more text to the blog.
I Have changed the size of the text


Thursday, November 18, 2004

What if you wanted to share kid's work easily on the Web? They type on the AlphaSmarts, and then load the work directly to an open blog the teacher creates for the project. Watch this....