Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Have you asked Ms. Dewey about our President?

You have to meet Ms. Dewey! Yup. An essential web experience! Ask her questions, she not only gives you actual links to sites, she herself is a sight!. Way too much fun.

Glogging with Boogle

So it looks like Google ate Blogger. If you want to blog with, you have to also be a Googler with This means you need to have a Google account. Well that's OK, you get their gmail account along with it and a google start page, etc.... but it begins to feel creepy right about now. Everything connected to Google. They've got my house on Google Earth, my thoughts on blogger, and my mail on gmail....... and they totally know anything about everything, just ask them.
Soon all my blogs will move to the new location. They will put a click box on my login to let me know it's my turn to switch over to Glogging with Boogle, or something like that.
In the meantime check out MsDewey.