Friday, September 02, 2011

View from bedroom @ sunset

And beyond the hill to the left is the GG Bridge which is barely visible through the fine film of fog. That's Mt. Tamalpais just in front of the setting sun.

September 1 - moving in day

The truck arrived this morning @ 9:00 AM and unloaded all our stuff to 219 Stanford Ave, Kensington, a tiny village in the Berkeley Hills just north of the UC campus. We are surrounded by boxes but our computer connections are up and operational thanx to Comcast. Mostly all seems to fit into our 3 bedroom house thanx to all the unloading I did on Craigslist prior to this move - Craig is my new hero. The huge moving van blocked our narrow hillside street for a good part of the day but the two tiny guys put every box in the right room and reassembled beds, desks and our dining table. Nothing broken and all accounted for even though we can't get to the refrig. Check out the view at sunset from our bedroom - the next blog pic.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scene from a Gondola

That's snow on a distant mountain beyond Lake Tahoe. The lake's water level is much higher than last year - I was told as I was sitting in the water on a submerged granite rock. A woman told me the rock was high and dry on the lake's beach last summer. So I'm guessing there was a ton of snow out here last winter. And some is still up there. We took the Gondola up to the Heavenly ski lodge and hiked around the top. We could see into Nevada. Gotta come back and try the powder they talk about.

Emerald Bay

Lake Tahoe's jewel tucked away near Bliss State Park. We drove to Tahoe to spend the days before we can move into our rental house on Sept 1- Thursday. We walked down 1 mile to the water's edge to visit Vikingsholm - a mansion built in this bay in 1929 and designed in the Scandinavian style. It included a tea house on that tiny granite island- the only one in Lake Tahoe.