Sunday, August 07, 2011

Coasting along Big Sur

We left the fog behind and enjoyed the views along Highway 1. Anna Ben and Dave were with us at our picnic in Pfieffer State Park. They go on to Yosemite - Bert and I to Mill Valley.

You Otter Sea Them

Sea Otter in Kelp off Monterey, CA
We rented double sea kayaks yesterday and paddled the shore front along Monterey from the rental beach to the Monterey Aquarium. These are pictures taken from the Kayak site, but we actually were able to get this close to otters, and also to sea lions and seals that were resting on nearby rocks. The golden kelp strands caught in my oar as we crossed the large kelp beds. I had no idea how large an otter really is. They are seal size and yet they can be fully camouflaged in the kelp. The whole coast from San Francisco down past Monterey is a protected wildlife area and a real treasure.