Friday, August 05, 2011

Finally in SF

And the fog is rolling in over/under the GG Bridge. We found a temp apartment in Mill Valley for the next 10 days - we'll move in on Sunday and start to look for a more permanent apt for a year.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

It happened again...

I walked into a restaurant and as the people looked up I wondered if my license plate was showing on my bum. ???? Seriously it's happened twice now. Stranger in a strange land I guess.

Pebble Beach 17 mile drive

Oh Deer! Are grazing beside the road and on the edge of this world famous golf course.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

They had to kick us out

of the Aquarium. The displays are so captivating and I found an aquarium setting on my Canon PowerShot S90 so the photos are missing that awful hot spot that the flash leaves. We're going back maybe tomorrow. They had about a dozen jellyfish displays.

The Diver is in this tank

And he's feeding the tiger sharks and the sheepshead fish which is pretty dangerous. The diver is talking to us as he feeds the fish. This is called a kelp forest and golden kelp Fronds are growing to the light. I'm blown away at the Monterey Bay Aquarium - click the titles link to find out more about this eciting place.

Harbor seals near Cannery Row

Low tide and the seals get to sunbath on a rock outside the Monterey Aquarium. I finally unearthed my jeans and long sleeved shirts. It's COLD here in the mid 60's and I love it. I too stand in the sun to warm up - fortunately I don't have to wait for the tides. You could want to live here.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The view

Of Monterey Bay and the Pacific Ocean. One heck of a trip. :-)

From Sea to Shining Sea

We are here. Monterey, CA. Hang on a sec and I'll show you the view.

Palm Trees and Golden Hills

We're on the way to Monterey and a house swap we'll enjoy for a week. I know - we don't have a house to swap. It's a long story, call me and I'll explain- I'd love to chat, too. 781 249-3728.

Back of the Wagon

5 suitcases on wheels. There's one shoved up right behind the back seat. We only get to take one up into the motel each night (Bert's rule!).
In the Thule roof carrier? I mostly forget, but I know the Bogey boards and snorkel gear are up there and the extra vitamins. Also, other stuff we thought we'd need until the moving van comes to our unknown home.
..... In case I forget how we actually did this. The idea forth Thule was last minute and came to me while I was having my last Candy Castle coffee frozen yogurt cone in Lexington Center. I saw a SW drive by with one and realized we needed one, too.

The back seat

The BS in our covered wagon Is critical. Being empty of kids we have full access to this space. There's a red Gott freezer chest that goes back to our camping days and is a perfect size for keeping 3 days worth of salad and fruit supplies and yogurt. There's the red Trader Joes bag with snacks, bug spray, sun screen and a sharp knife. In the laundry basket is the bag of paper goods, a few souvenirs, the gum and a roll of paper towels. The basket helps keep things separate and missed getting packed for the movers. Behind each of our seats in canvas bags is all the computing gear. I'm packing an iPad (retirement gift from lots of Bedford and EDCO checks), a new MacBook Pro laptop a Canon Rebel and a pocket Canon S90 and cables and chargers. At close hand in the Crimson Harvard Lunch bag are the water bottles on ice for the day. The grey bag has a box if Kleenex and the garbage bag hangs from a seat clip. Sue keeps chopstick, emery board, eye drops and wipes along with pens and paper in the arm rest. The Garmin takes up most of the glove compartment. Oh, the blue AAA bag is the library of maps and guides - we are still hooked on a paper map and the AAA guide has led us to many GEMS. The Yelp App feeds us and the Overdrive and Pandora Apps entertain us from our iPhones which we keep charged from a splitter cable plugged into the cigarette lighter - the splitter is shared with the Garmin. Can't praise the Garmin enuf. She goofed only once in Louisiana when we were looking for a new tire and she tried to find a WalMart. She couldn't find it and led us to a dead end street. It's kind of reassuring how she answers the "Are we there yet?" question with the arrival time always visible. I like to just push the speed limit enough to shave off a minute or two. The straw hats sit atop it all. We can reach everything from our seats. When we stop @ a rest stop we take turns and don't leave the car unattended or out of sight at a restaurant. It's all been working for us.